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標   題 日 期
 *我做過的瘋狂的事情 The Crazy Things I Have Done 2017-11-30
 *我和媽媽去買菜 Go to the Market with Mother 2017-04-26
 *過年準備 Preparing for the New Year 2017-04-26
 *北國之秋 Autumn in the North 2017-04-26
 *什么是成功? What Is Success? 2017-04-26
 *包餃子 Making Dumplings 2017-04-26
 *假期計劃 My Holiday Plan 2017-04-26
 *我的一家 My Family 2017-04-26
 *介紹朋友 introduce friends 2017-04-26
 *我的未來 my future 2017-04-26
 *朋友是什么? What is a Friend? 2017-04-26
 *我的父親My Father 2017-04-24
 *體育運動有益身心健康 The Advantage of Sports 2017-04-24
 *留言條 Notes Left 2017-04-24
 *我的一天 My One Day 2017-04-24
 *忙碌的春天A Busy Spring 2017-04-24
 *祝賀信Congratulation Letter 2017-04-24
 *周記(過馬路) Weekly Diary(across the road) 2017-04-24
 *保持健康的方法 Suggestions to Keep Healthy 2017-04-24
 *旅游準備 The Preparation of a Trip 2017-04-24
 *感恩母親 Be Thankful to My Mother 2017-04-24
 *珠海漁女 Zhuhai Fishing Girl 2017-04-19
 *失物招領 lost and found 2017-04-19
 *我的金錢觀 My View on Money 2017-04-19
 *為媽媽做頓飯 Cook a Meal for Mother 2017-04-19
 *黃金周Golden Week 2017-04-19
 *我喜歡打排球 I Like Playing Volleyball 2017-04-19
 *地震 Earthquake 2017-04-19
 *幫助別人 Helping Others 2017-04-19
 *諾貝爾獎的來歷The History of Nobel Prize 2017-04-19
 *飲食健康 Healthy Diet 2017-04-19
 *禮貌的形成 The Form of Manner 2017-04-19
 *學校生活 My School Life 2017-04-13
 *我生病了 I Am Sick 2017-04-13
 *五羊石像 The Five Goats Statue 2017-04-13
 *倫敦名勝 Some Great Wonders in London 2017-04-13
 *水的重要性 The Importance of Water 2017-04-13
 *我的英語老師My English Teacher 2017-04-13
 *實現夢想的方法 Suggestions to Your Dream Realizing 2017-04-13
 *周末計劃 Plan for Weekend 2017-04-13
 *假如我有時光機 If I Had a Time Machine 2017-04-13
 *一個健康的人 A Healthy Man 2017-04-13
 *珍惜今天 Cherish Today 2017-04-11
 *禮貌的重要性 The Importance of Manners 2017-04-11
 *我喜歡體育課 I Love PE 2017-04-11
 *我的購物經歷 My Shopping Experience 2017-04-11
 *體育鍛煉 Sports in China 2017-04-11
 *萬圣節 Halloween 2017-04-11
 *關于我自己 Something about Me 2017-04-11
 *給朋友的一封信 A Letter to a Friend 2017-04-11
 *旅友 A Travel Friend 2017-04-11
 *我最喜歡的樂隊 My Favorite Band 2017-04-11
 *邀請信 An Invitation Letter 2017-04-07
 *閱讀 Reading 2017-04-07
 *天氣預報Weather Report 2017-04-07
 *我的奶奶 My Grandmother 2017-04-07
 *中國的教育Chinese Education 2017-04-07
 *我的偶像姚明 Yao Ming 2017-04-07
 *我的新生活 My New Life 2017-04-07
 *產品包裝 Package Design 2017-04-07